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"GPO Passion 5x 3,5-18x56 m/ljósi" hefur verið sett í körfuna þína.

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GPO Passion 5x 3,5-18x56 m/ljósi

129.000 kr

GPO Passion 5x 3,5-18x56 m/ljósi

When a little more is what you really need. The PASSION™ 5x 3.5-18x56i provides a wide field of view, excellent light transmission, superb low-light resolution and extra magnification for those challenging long-rage shots.

  • 30mm Main Tube
  • 56mm Objective Lens Diameter
  • Double HD Objective Lenses
  • Anodized Aluminum Turret Caps
  • 1 CM / CW Rotation
  • GPObright™ Lens Coatings
  • iControl™ Illumination

 The iControl™ illumination assures users that they always have a live battery when most needed.

  • Automatically powers down the illumination when the electronic module has been stationary for more than 3 hours
  • Offers bright, fiber optic technology
  • Alerts users when the battery has only 15% remaining battery life